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Death not an excuse!


We’ll all die one day, but what if you’re destined to leave a long life?
Don’t use death to limit yourself while you waste your Heavenly Endowment. Don’t use it as an excuse to give up on your sweet and big dreams.
Don’t use it to avoid sacrificing for what you believe!
Don’t use it to expect little from God, when He’s the owner of the greatest bounty that endow without setting a budget.
Don’t overlook your skills simply because you might die soon.

You don’t have the key to the unseen
Let death caution you to only seek the legitimate means.

Let death caution to be humble and subtle.
Let it remind you that you need to give and help others with their dreams.🤗
Let it remind you that you should help others without asking “what’s in it for me?”.

Let it remind you that you need to be there ,giving support to your family and friends.
Let it remind you that you need to be sincere in everything you do.
Let it remind you that nothing is worth fighting and arguing for.🤓

Let it remind you that its GOD first.




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Create your life!!!


I spent so many years waiting, waiting for everything to work out. Waiting for a breakthrough, waiting for miracles to be put in my life.
Doing what i thought was my part, but not realizing that i am a powerful creator and God wants me to create. So now i do!
Every day i create abundance, joy, love, peace and fun so that i have a life i don’t need a vacation from. It only gets better from here!